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Essential Oil
Amber Oil
Works as a stimulant & aphrodisiac
Bergamot Oil
Useful for cold sores, oily and spotty skin
Cedar Wood Oil
Cedar wood oil helps prevent acne, dandruff, hair loss etc.
Citronella Oil
Eucalytus Oil
Floral - Blended Oil
Induces positive thinking, elevates mood and uplifts...
Frankincense Oil
Helps relieve anxiety & stress. Reduces scars...
Gardenia Oil
Helps relieve stress, insomnia, sunburn etc.
Geranium Oil
Useful for sluggish skin. Blend with a carrier oil and use
Ginger Oil
Useful for acne, pimples and dandruff
Indian Basil Oil
Useful against cough and
Jasmine Oil
An excellent perfume oil suitable for all skin types
Lavender oil
Acts as a pain reliever and helps against allergies.
Lemon Oil
Useful against bites and stings, mouth ulcers
Lemongrass Oil
Meditation - Blended Oil
Promotes calming and soothing effect
Mental Peace - Blended Oil
Promotes calming effect, De-stresses
Neroli oil
Helpful in fighting stress & tension
Orange Oil
Palmarosa Oil
Helpful in blood circulation
Patchouli Oil
Helps against acne, chapped and cracked skin problems etc.
Peppermint oil
Useful for aching feet and bad breath
Pinewood Oil
Helps relieve colds, muscular aches & pains
Relaxation Oil
Relaxes the body and mind
Sandalwood Oil
Helps relieve depression
Sleepwell - Blended Oil
Induces sound and deep sleep. Creates a relaxed...
Tea Tree Oil
Ylang Ylang Oil
Has a calming and relaxing effect when used


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