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Welcome to Rasa
We are happy to bring you the Rasa range of Hair and Skin care products and Gourmet spices and blends. Although our website is new, the Rasa range is about 15 years old now. It is the result of years of research and training, and combines age-old traditional recipes, the purest ingredients and fair practices.

Each Rasa product comes with the promise of purity and well-being.

Our range of hair and skin care products have been refined over years and tested extensively. The natural and organic ingredients we use make them gentle and perfect for regular use.

The spice range has some traditional Bengali spice blends, as well as some new creations that combine traditional and contemporary cooking ideas designed by Chef Shaun Kenworthy.

Featured Products
Rasa Creams and Lotions
Facial mask
Multani mitti is rich in minerals. It increases blood circulation and is an excellent cleansing mask...
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Rasa Hair Care
Henna Shampoo
Herbal extracts such as Henna Leaf, Evolvulus Alsinoides, Eclipta Alba, Emblic Myrobalan...
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Rasa Massage Oils
Herbal Massage Oil
Especially useful for people who suffer from arthritis and gout. Apricot Oil and Sesame Oil...
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Rasa Spices Blends
Indian Spice Blend
General spice blend that can be used in many traditional recipes, kebabs, grills, stews etc. Perfect for meats...
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